Friday, December 20, 2019

Spending is up on education, and especially on administration

Funding at the federal, state and local levels has increased between the 1980s and 2019. Democrats and the teacher unions lie about that.

In real dollars, total government spending per pupil increased from $7,359 in 1980 to $9,850 by 1990, reaching $13,180 per pupil by 2015.

Taking a longer view, real spending per student in public schools has increased from $2,763 in 1960 to more than $13,000 today.

So if you have questions about learning, don't blame the funding. Plus, government spending does little to change student out come. It's the homes. What really has been jumping ahead the last 55 years (War on Poverty) is the number of administrators. Number of students is up by 40%; administrators up by 137% The student gap in learning is the same as 1965.

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