Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Could Democrats make this worse? Yes.

A friend of mine who lives in the DC area says, “I just returned from driving Gil to work. In case you see the demonstrations on TV, here’s what I saw. In the corner area of the Capitol lawn by the Senate side, there are around 100 demonstrator/protestors. They look like the typical protest crowd in DC — hired homeless and unemployed youths making quick money as paid protestors. They are waving flags and signs for impeaching and removing. These are not volunteers or a spontaneous group. They are clearly part of an organized-for-media demonstration (right on a corner where they can be conveniently photographed, but out of the way of tourists and people doing business at the Capitol. Disgusting because it is carefully organized to show well on TV to look bigger than it is and to have closeups that are photogenic. We see it often for various causes."

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