Tuesday, December 10, 2019

What a sweet grandma story!

I saw this on Facebook.  I’ve “known” Carol since 2003 as a blogger.

“Our week of babysitting the two youngest grandgirls ends tonight. One more car rider line pickup at school this afternoon, one more homework-dinner-bath/pajama time this evening - and then their parents should arrive back home right at bedtime - which means that later tonight I'll drive back to my home and sleep in my own bed for the first time since Sunday night over a week ago. What a wonderful week it has been! Snuggle and reading time with each girl individually at bedtime has been especially tender. And bedtime prayers, too. Last night they put on an original farewell song-and-dance production for me that was both entertaining and sweet! I'm so proud of the wonderful way our son and DIL are raising their precious girls. Both girls are strong, smart, sweet, confident, and beautiful. This week reminded me so much of the times I babysat Lily and Sophie when they were younger. And I know that my days of being needed as a babysitter are numbered. Children grow up so quickly!”

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