Friday, December 20, 2019

Hallmark and the LGBTQ political agenda

This was my first year to watch Hallmark Christmas movies--I needed a diversion. A few of the older reruns even had carols about baby Jesus. No one was forced to watch them and I was not damaged by living to 80 without seeing one. They are cheesy, corny and chaste. Too bad Hallmark is being blackmailed. And this power agenda is coming to your club, company, church, library, or workplace soon if it hasn't already. You must obey. I've looked through some of the media business articles--I see no evidence that there is a demand for this from conservatives, liberals, Christians, Jews, bankers or candlestick makers.

17% of Americans are over 65 and 12% are disabled. Do you really think they are numerically represented in Hallmark movies or TV show main characters? You might see someone in a wheelchair in a shopping scene or grandma and grandpa baking cookies. Compare that to 2-3% for LGBTQ who are strong arming entire industries.

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