Thursday, December 26, 2019

Teen Vogue

What sort of propaganda digital fish wrapper is Teen Vogue? Just google any topic on race or income, throw in the term "Teen Vogue" and you'll find the most ridiculous anti-American, anti-White, condescending toward blacks drivel you can imagine in woke rich white kid reading material. "Confront other white people," "Lecture your parents about. . . " "SAT is mired in racism," "Racism and patriotism go together," "Patriotic anthems are racist," and "How beauty brands profit off racism." Oh please. I'm surprised the editors aren't calling blacks darkies and colored. Who owns this racialist propaganda mill that's preparing teeny-boppers for college?

So I looked it up. The print edition died with December 2017 and Hillary Clinton was on the cover! Now there's a shocker. It's published by Conde Nast, but is now only on-line. Advance Publications owned by the Newhouse family owns Conde Nast, which used to be known for its classy publications but is now just one more media SJW.

Oh yes, it will also tell your teen how to get an abortion.

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