Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Chris Matthews, Tavis Smiley and Matt Lauer

I’ve never liked Chris Matthews (NBC), but I think the charges against him for something he said or did in 1999, are just so stupid.  Unless they can come up with something serious, they are just trivializing real problems women in the workplace have.  He’s given the company the best years of his sorry life, and this is the loyalty he gets? Same for Tavis Smiley and PBS.  And the female producer of the Matt Lauer show who had an affair with him when she was 24, should just go crawl in a hole.  She still sounds love-sick in her pathetic story which she’s blabbing everywhere to anyone who will listen to “confirm” the damage he’s done to women.  She knew he was a married man with children.  Didn’t stop her. Stitch a scarlet letter on her throbbing bodice.
Lisa Bloom pays women for stories of sexual assault.

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