Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Title X and the birth rate

Federal contraceptive funding was signed into law by President Nixon with Title X co-sponsored by Rep. GHW Bush (R-TX) in 1970. Must have been a success. Our birth rate is now below replacement, and although that accounts for married women, it hasn't changed much the birth rate for unmarried women and girls. It's been very useful in controlling the population of whites, thus we need to import immigrants. White median age is 41; Hispanic 27.
Planned Parenthood uses federal tax dollars to give contraceptives to children under 16 without informing their parents. More sex = more pregnancies = more abortions = more dollars for PP. Title X funding cannot be used for abortions, but Title X grant recipients and abortion providers are allowed to share office and staff. Planned Parenthood, the major recipient of Title X funding is also the largest abortion provider in the country. For FY 2017, Title X received $286.5 million, down from the program’s peak of $317.5 million (in FY 2010). Title X historically has been better funded under Republicans than Democrats. The most drastic cuts since 1982 were under Obama.
Of course, Guttmacher (PP) calls it a war to end birth control.

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