Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Identity politics--what else does the left have?

Matthew Continetti dates the problem of identity politics to 1973 when the Leftists faced the problem that socialism was dying and fading. How to carry on the fight against capitalism? Make everything about victim and victimizer, oppressor and oppressed. View everything through the prism of race, gender, and class and begin in the universities to destroy any sense of national spirit, identity or cohesiveness.
When I returned to my career at the university in 1978, the movement was well underway. The grandchildren of those students are our modern day "snowflakes" who now think socialism is a better plan.
"The American people are united by our creed of freedom and equality, and also by our habits, our manners, our national language, our territorial integrity, our national symbols—such as the National Anthem, the Flag, and the Pledge of Allegiance—our civic traditions, and our national story. We should tell that story forthrightly and proudly; we should continue our traditions of local government and patriotic displays; we should guard the symbols of our heritage against attack; and we should recognize that the needs of our citizens take priority."

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