Friday, December 15, 2017

What do Democrats hate most?

What do Democrats hate most? 

1. President Trump.
2. The electoral system.
3. The Bill of Rights.
4. White men.
5. Free market.
6. Tax cuts.
7. Small businesses.
8. Israel.
9. Fox News.
10. Unborn babies.

Of course, it's #1, but the others are being used in the rage. Recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital, something Clinton, Bush, and Obama all promised, well, that's the reason there's violence in the middle east, not Iran's threats, or Hamas' bombing women and children.

Of course, it's #1, but all white men are in there too.  Everyone on the left is so deep in identity politics that all things bad about the U.S.A. can point back to white men.

Of course, it's #1, but unborn babies have been the target of the Democrats hate long before Donald Trump said he might run for president.

We all know #1 is the biggest, most expansive, intense, and bigly hatred we've ever encountered. Hatred for Trump is bigger than 20th century nationalist or communists or socialist indiscriminate hatred for groups. It's a hate that has brought long time enemies on the left and right together to bring him down. The hate for Trump is eating brains and diminishing people. He's accused of being boorish and bumbling, yet the haters exceed all his faults. Hatred for a race is condemned, or for sexual preference, or for a religion (except Christianity--that's OK), but hatred for an individual is condoned and encouraged. Hate eats the soul; makes the hater ugly.

What do the haters fear most--that he might really deliver on his promise to make America great again.

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