Thursday, December 07, 2017

Weatherization Assistance Plan

The Weatherization Program in the new budget is one of the areas Democrats and media critics are complaining about. It's almost impossible to find a total for the amount spent in 41 years (since 1976), but it's billions, maybe trillions. Sometimes I see $225,000,000 annually, sometimes $191,000,000 + another $883 million from the states (2009), plus $5 Billion from ARRA. Really, how could there possibly be a home left in America that doesn't have insulation and air tight windows and doors? They talk about money saved and jobs created. So it's a jobs program? Money, not cold air, seems to be leaking from this program.  The Head Start program has been shown to have failed in its mission, but is used as a jobs program for adults and supporting industries.

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