Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Finally, after all these years, she writes. . .

In 1963 we owned a duplex on White St. in Champaign-Urbana, IL, and rented the upstairs to a young couple--he was also an architect, she was beautiful and artsy and their baby daughter adorable. It was a time of grief for us and they were such good neighbors. When we bought another house, we continued to see them. Somewhere I have a photo of them at a party we had at our Charles St. home.  They moved to Washington we moved to Columbus. We've been exchanging Christmas cards with her for over 50 years, but other than a seasonal greeting never got any news, except a photo or two of the daughter growing up and their divorce. Then today. Finally after all these years, a few lines; the grand daughter is getting married and the ex-husband lives in TX with his wife. In my mind's eye they are still a happy couple in their early 20s with a sweet baby and we're gathered around the tree in 1963.

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