Monday, December 11, 2017

Ten tips to keep your brain young

A team of neuroscientists reviewed 17,000 medical studies on keeping the brain healthy as we age. This speaker at a Ted talk (works for a game company) reviewed what they found.

1. Physical exercise:  especially brisk walking 30 minutes a day,  5 times per week, vigorous aerobic exercise pushes out waste.

2. Brain exercise : brain fitness games / New language /ball room dancing/ music lessons / chess / bridge ; good if it’s fun, but you don’t have to be good—grows new neuro connections.

3. Eliminate toxic substances : Cigarettes / Alcohol / Toxic substance in household products like shampoo, soap;  Cosmetics database dot com will reveal toxicity.

4. Socialize:  5 social ties are good for the brain / isolation is bad for you / volunteer /

5. Have a purpose: pick a cause and it’s good for society

6. Relaxation : Spa / Meditation / read a book / walking in nature

7. Manage stress: stress causes brain shrinkage

8. Pick a good doctor: prevention oriented

9. Protect head from injury ; people who text while driving have 23x the accident rate; equivalent to 4 drinks

9.  Recommends Mediterranean Diet :  lots of colors; Fish / Almond, nuts / Vegetables / Fruits

10. Positive outlook:  way of thinking and responding matters.  Nun study,  most positive lived longer, had neurological signs of Alzheimer’s in brain, but not the disease.

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