Monday, December 25, 2017

Diversity scam is expensive

The diversity scam at colleges and universities. Follow the money.

The one constant in every endeavor--sets up huge bureaucracies and budgets. Diversity, equity and inclusion vice chancellors can get magnificent salaries with lower level bureaucrats sucking up more dollars. Just google "diversity" with the name of any college/university you know. Then check budget. You may never take a class, but you're sure paying the cost.

If you Google "diversity office Ohio State University" you can see the directories--yes plural.  Not only does the main administration have a diversity and gender office, but so do many of the colleges and departments. And the Office of Diversity and Inclusion has sub-departments. This insures the graduates and majors of the various "studies" departments have places to go when they graduate.. . other colleges and universities with similar highly paid positions.  If you pick out a few names and track their biographies and positions, the word "assistant" jumps out.

"The Ohio State University Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is one of the oldest and most prominent offices of its kind in the nation. Founded in 1970, ODI has supported the recruitment, retention and success of students, faculty and staff who enhance the diversity of The Ohio State University. ODI oversees the Hale Center, the Todd Anthony Bell National Resource Center on the African American Male, the American Disability Act program (ADA), the nine-city Young Scholars Program, as well as being home to a wide-range of retention, mentoring, scholarship, and access programs."

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