Friday, December 22, 2017

Timeline of the DNC and FBi meddling in the election of Donald Trump

06/24/15  Discovery of classified information on Clinton’s private email server announced; the matter is referred to the FBI

07/24/15 State Dept. and other officials make security referral related to classified information possessed by Clinton and associates

07/24/15  After complaints from Clinton camp, New York Times edits story about email probe, removing "criminal" references

09/15/15  FBI official Andrew McCabe's wife Jill receives $700,000 from Clinton associate Gov. Terry McCauliffe's political entities

01/19/16  Intelligence Community Inspector General reports Clinton's private email server had SAP (highest classification level) data on it

01/29/16  FBI director James Comey names Andrew McCabe deputy director, with responsibility for oversight of Clinton investigation

03/04/16  FBI's Peter Strzok texts his mistress Lisa Page, an FBI attorney, calling Trump "an idiot", whose nomination would be "good for Hillary"

03/19/16  Hackers gain access to emails of Democrat operative John Podesta

03/28/16  Paul Manafort hired as Trump campaign manager (Fusion GPS's Simpson and wife had reported on Manafort's Russian ties in 2008)

04/05/16  FBI's Strzok interviews Clinton aide Huma Abedin

04/09/16  FBI's Strzok interviews Clinton aide Cheryl Mills

04/12/16  Law firm Perkins Coie, using money from the Clinton campaign and DNC, hires Fusion GPS to find incriminating data on Trump

04/30/16  DNC IT staff reports suspected hacking on its server(s) to FBI, but fails to turn over the server to the agency, instead hires Crowdstrike

05/02/16  FBI director Comey drafts statement exonerating Clinton before interviewing her or other key witnesses

05/03/16  Trump becomes the presumptive Republican nominee for the office of president

05/03/16  Clinton IT specialist Paul Combetta admits lying to the FBI about erasing emails using BleachBit but is not charged for the crime

05/05/16   Washington Post reports there is "scant evidence" of a crime committed by Clinton through her use of a private email server

05/15/16   Crowdstrike claims it investigated DNC hacking and that Russians were responsible; FBI still denied access to server to confirm 

05/16/16  Draft statement by FBI directory Comey exonerating Clinton, before key interviews, is circulated to FBI leadership

05/15/16  Nellie Ohr, wife of DOJ executive Bruce Ohr, is secretly hired by Fusion GPS, presumably to work on Russian "Dossier"

05/23/16  Nellie Ohr applies for HAM radio license, presumably to create covert communication channel and avoid government surveillance

06/09/16 Donald Trump Jr. meets with Russian attorney after being lured by the promise of opposition research

06/12/16  Wikileaks' Assange warns that Clinton emails will be leaked

06/15/16 Ex-MI-6 agent Christopher Steele is hired by Hillary Clinton's campaign through Fusion GPS, according to UK court filings

06/15/16   FBI agent Peter Strzok changes wording of Clinton charges from criminal designation “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless"

06/20/16  Fusion GPS contractor Christopher Steele releases first memo related to Russian "Dossier"

06/27/16  A.G. Loretta Lynch secretly meets with Bill Clinton on an airport tarmac; they later deny discussing the investigation

07/02/16  Clinton interviewed by FBI and Peter Strzok for 3.5 hours; she is not placed under oath nor recorded

07/05/16  FISA Court denies FBI request for surveillance of Trump campaign

07/05/16  Fusion GPS contractor Christopher Steele shares Russian "Dossier" with the FBI

07/05/16  FBI director Comey announces he does not recommend charges against Hillary Clinton for use of her email server

07/06/16  A.G. Loretta Lynch accepts Comey's recommendation not to charge Clinton for mishandling classified information

07/10/16  DNC staffer Seth Rich murdered in as yet unsolved case

07/22/16  Wikileaks releases archive of emails stolen from Democrat National Committee (DNC)

07/24/16  Clinton aide Robbie Mook claims Russians hacked DNC and Clinton campaign to aid Trump

07/25/16  Wikileaks' Assange says he timed release of DNC emails to impact convention; says "no one" knows who provided emails

07/25/16  FBI announces it will investigate the DNC hack revealed by Wikileaks, Peter Strzok handpicked to lead investigation

07/30/16  FBI opens counterintelligence investigation into possible Russian "collusion" with Trump campaign led bt Peter Strzok

08/06/16  FBI investigator Strzok texts mistress about a "menace", presumably meaning Trump

08/10/16  Washington Post implies John Brennan may have shared "Dossier" with President Obama around this date

08/15/16  FBI investigator Strzok texts mistress about needing an "insurance policy" against Trump

08/16/16  FBI writes Congress defending decision not to prosecute Clinton, stating it was ‘extreme carelessness’ and not ‘gross negligence’

08/17/16   On this day, NBC's Dilanian, Windrem, Arkin report claim M. Flynn clashed with intel officials during initial briefing with Trump team

08/25/16  CIA director James Brennan informs Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid about possible Russian "collusion" with Trump campaign

08/27/16  Reid sends a letter to Comey referencing allegations made about Carter Page in the dossier

09/01/16   NBC's Dilanian, believed to be a Fusion GPS flack, reports on Trump Jr.'s 6/9 meeting with Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya

09/05/16  Hillary Clinton accuses Russia of interfering with U.S. election

09/15/16  FISA Court approves FBI request for surveillance of Trump campaign based upon Russian "Dossier"

09/21/16  New York Times, Washington Post, and Yahoo News verbally briefed by Steele on Russian "Dossier" according to court filings

09/23/16   Yahoo News publishes report based upon Russian "Dossier" and possible collusion with Trump campaign

09/27/16  John Carlin, head of DOJ National Security Division and involved with FISA requests, announces he is resigning

09/28/16  Comey claims his decision to exonerate Clinton was not made until after her interview with FBI agents

10/03/16  FBI agents seize computer of Anthony Weiner during investigation of his communications with underage females

10/07/16  Obama administration officially accuses Russia of meddling in 2016 presidential election

10/12/16  FBI agents tell McCabe and Strzok it's discovers 650,000 emails on Weiner's laptop, many of which were Huma Abedin's

10/14/16  Strzok's wife Melissa Hodgman given a major promotion to deputy director of SEC’s Enforcement Division

10/15/16  FBI meets with Fusion GPS contractor Steele and offers to pay him for more Russian "Dossier" material

10/24/16   CBS reveals McCabe's wife received $700K in campaign donations from Clinton associate Gov. Terry McCauliffe

10/27/16  During Comey staff meeting, McCabe and Strzok are asked why they're sitting on the Huma/Weiner email disclosure

10/28/16  Comey announces he is reopening investigation into Clinton's email server due to information found on Anthony Weiner's computer

10/30/16  Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid's writes to James Comey asking him to release "explosive" information on Russian "collusion"

10/31/16  Fusion GPS contractor Steele feeds information to David Corn of Mother Jones that ties Trump to Russian "collusion"

10/31/16  Clinton campaign issues statement, citing Slate, about server in Trump Tower that secretly communicated with Russia

11/06/16  Comey exonerates Clinton again after Weiner documents are reviewed "around the clock"

11/08/16  Donald Trump is elected President of the United States

11/15/16  DOJ official Bruce Ohr meets in secret with Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele regarding Russian "Dossier"

11/15/16  FBI agrees to continue funding Steele and his "Dossier"

11/18/16  Sen. John McCain told of the Russian "Dossier"; a copy is sent to McCain and key aides

12/09/16  CIA tells Congress that they believe the Russians hacked the DNC to help defeat Hillary Clinton's campaign

12/09/16   McCain provides a copy of Russian "Dossier" to FBI director James Comey

12/09/16  President Obama orders intelligence community to investigate Russian influence on U.S. election

01/02/17  Wikileaks' Assange says he guarantees emails did not come from Russia; that Obama administration is trying to undermine Trump

01/05/17  FBI says DNC refused to turn over server to determine nature of leaks

01/06/17  Comey briefs President-Elect Trump on existence of "salacious and unverified" Russian "Dossier"

01/10/17   U.S. intelligence chiefs Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Rogers brief Obama on Russian "Dossier" and attempts to "influence" Trump

01/10/17  BuzzFeed releases full Fusion GPS "Dossier"

01/11/17  WSJ identifies author of Russian "Dossier" as Christopher Steele

01/12/17  DOJ IG Michael Horowitz announces probe into actions of FBI including McCabe's role in Clinton email scandal

01/19/17  NYT reports law enforcement officials "intercepted" communications of Trump officials, including Paul Manafort

01/22/17  Michael Flynn sworn in as National Security Adviser

01/24/17  Michael Flynn gives voluntary interview to FBI regarding Russian "collusion"; interviewer is Peter Strzok

01/26/17 Acting A.G. Sally Yates and Bill Priestap inform White House counsel that Flynn was "compromised" by Russian actors

01/30/17  Acting A.G. Sally Yates fired by President Trump for refusing to enforce his travel ban orders

02/08/17 Jeff Sessions confirmed as Attorney General

02/13/17 Flynn fired by President after leaks claim that the aide has discussed sanctions with Russian actors, which Flynn denies

02/14/17  In meeting with Trump, Comey says he was asked by President if he could see fit to "letting Flynn go"

03/02/17  A.G. Jeff Sessions recuses himself from Russia "collusion" investigation, citing prior contacts with the Russian Ambassador

03/20/17  Comey testifies before Congress that FBI secretly investigated potential Trump "collusion" and hid that fact from Congress

03/20/17  Comey denies accusations that the Trump campaign had been wiretapped by the U.S. government

03/20/17  Press Secretary Sean Spicer strongly denounces surveillance and unmasking of Trump aides by Obama officials

03/28/17  Sen. Chuck Grassley writes to Comey over concern that McCabe's investigation of Clinton was tainted by campaign donations

05/09/17  Trump fires FBI director James Comey

05/10/17  Washington Post asserts Comey had requested additional funding and resources for Russia investigation before his firing

05/17/17 DOJ names Robert Mueller special counsel to investigate Russian influence on election

06/15/17  Former DHS head Jeh Johnson tells Congress that the DNC refused to turn over its server so it could thoroughly investigate

07/07/17  Comey asserts "Dossier" was "salacious and unverified", but was important because media was prepared to report it

07/13/17  CNN reports Strzok is working for Mueller's special counsel investigation

07/20/17  DOJ Inspector General receives compromising texts of Mueller investigator Peter Strzok from FBI

07/24/17  Consortium of Intelligence Professionals (VIPS) reports that there is no evidence that Russians hacked DNC

07/27/17  DOJ Inspector General meets with Mueller and Rosenstein to inform them of Strzok's text messages

08/09/17  The Nation reports evidence that DNC insiders, not Russian hackers, compromised Democrat IT systems

08/10/17  DOJ Inspector General requests all communications between Strzok and Page

08/22/17 Fusion GPS chief Glenn Simpson meets with Senate committee for 10 hours, but refuses to divulge who funded "Dossier"

08/24/17  House Intel Chair Nunes subpoenas DOJ and FBI for documents related to "Dossier", which Strzok is believed to be behind

09/14/17  Susan Rice admits she surveilled Trump administration after the election and later unmasked the identities of key aides

10/18/17  Two Fusion GPS officials plead the Fifth Amendment during House Intelligence Committee interviews

10/24/17  Washington Post reveals Clinton campaign and DNC funded Fusion GPS and Russian "Dossier"

10/29/17  NBC's Delanian reports upon an illegal leak from the Mueller investigation that the first indictment will be issued Monday

10/30/17  Manafort and Gates indicted as part of Mueller's investigation

10/31/17  FBI refuses House Intel Committee (chaired by Nunez) request to interview Strzok

11/30/17  Flynn signs please agreement with special counsel, admitting he lied about sanctions conversations

12/02/17  Washington Post reveals existence of incriminating messages between Peter Strzok revealing anti-Trump biases

12/04/17  CNN reveals Strzok changed wording of Clinton investigation to avoid criminal charges

12/06/17  DOJ executive Bruce Ohr demoted after revelations he secretly met with Fusion GPS, which had secretly employed his wife Nellie

12/06/17  Rep. Adam Schiff accused of leaking privileged notes of meeting between Trump. Jr and House Intelligence Committee to CNN

12/07/17  Fox News reveals Ohr was in contact with Fusion GPS at the same time the FISA application was submitted and granted

12/07/17   Rep. Jim Jordan grills FBI director Wray: was Dossier used to secure FISA warrant? Wray refuses to answer

12/07/17  Judge presiding over Michael Flynn criminal case, Rudolph Contreras, is recused, according to court statement for reasons unknown

12/11/17  Fox News reveals Ohr's wife was hired by Fusion GPS to create opposition research against Trump

12/12/17 375 text messages between Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page are released

12/12/17  Deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe cancels testimony before Congress after revelations about Nellie and Bruce Ohr are released

12/13/17 Deputy A.G. Rosenstein refuses to tell Congress whether the FBI paid for the Fusion GPS "Dossier"

12/14/17  Rep. Jim Jordan states DOJ/FBI leadership attempted to fix the presidential election by inventing a "Russian Collusion" narrative

12/18/17  Demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr fails to appear before Congress

12/18/17  GOP lawmakers call for investigation into leaks of privileged interview between Trump Jr. and House Intelligence Committee

12/19/17  FBI's McCabe testifies in private to House Intel Committee a day after Senate Judiciary Chair Grassley called for his firing

This is not my research, but was reformatted from a spread sheet.

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