Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Morning mass in South Dakota

Sunday morning I watched on YouTube Sunday Mass broadcast from Sioux Falls, SD, and what a beautiful cathedral--the Cathedral of Saint Joseph, streamed  available at www.sfcatholic.org. I checked the internet and learned that this cathedral was built in 1919, had a poor restoration in the 1970s (lots of beige paint to cover beautiful features probably considered old fashioned), then the congregation went through a 15 year restoration that was completed in 2011. The last two years of the restoration they had to worship in another location.  The first church was made of wood, and it burned in 1881, then the brick church that replaced it, was replaced by this one in 1919.
Here’s the story of the restoration.  It’s quite technical with information about the original architect, and the one who did the $16 million restoration.  At one time they thought of tearing down this lovely building, and now it is a stop on architectural and history tours. 


One visitor commented: “This is an amazing place for anyone to experience. I've been to some of the largest cathedrals in Spain (in the world) and this cathedral is certainly borrowing from that style of architecture. It's awe inspiring and surprising for such a small city to have such an amazing church. If you are religious, or simply just love beautiful architecture, do yourself a favor when visiting the area and take a look. God bless...”

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Darrell Michaels said...

I was going through town there in October of 2014 and stopped in to see it. The pictures do not do it justice. It truly is a beautiful cathedral.