Tuesday, December 19, 2017

MSM reluctant to report Obama’s Hezbollah disaster

To appease Iran, the Obama administration prevented its own DEA from cracking down on Hezbollah's incredibly lucrative cocaine trafficking which it was using to fund some of the deadliest weapons against our soldiers in Iraq. Thanks Mr. former president for being so supportive of our military and so careless with the people you pledged to protect.

When I googled “Obama Hezbollah Iran” only Politico of the left leaning sources which also broke the story, came up as top sites. All the rest were the traditional conservative sites like the Blaze, National Review, Washington Examiner, Fox, Jewish or Israeli sources--until finally the nasty and leftist Daily Beast. With all the scandals coming out of the Obama administration, I know journalists are having a tough time after 8 years of lap dancing. Maybe they should go to Wal-Mart or McDonald's and apply for an honest job?




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