Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Shifting language--income inequality isn't poverty

Democrats spend a lot of time twisting language to their own use, and now "income inequality," or "income gap," or "income disparity," has come to mean "poverty." The hype is unreal. Of course cutting corporate taxes is good for anyone, it's hard to work for an appliance or computer company that has relocated in Thailand.

And of course, the people who pay the most will get most of the breaks--the top 10% pay 2/3 of the taxes. If you cut taxes, it won't be the bottom 10%--they aren't paying any. Most of the people at the bottom in any one era, move out and up, but they can't do it without jobs.

I don't care if Serena Williams is worth $150 million and her husband Alexis Ohanian is only worth $9 million. Who is hurt by this gap/disparity and inequality? Did she take money from him in order to be worth that much and he so little (comparatively speaking)?

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