Sunday, December 17, 2017

Resentment and envy

Thomas Sowell's story (from 2000 and told in several versions through the years) about Boris and Ivan isn't about Russians, but about envy and resentment. The Democrats don't care that under the new tax plan there will be a higher deduction for children, or that the middle class will have more money to spend or invest. No. What enrages them is that the already wealthy might pay fewer taxes (they already pay the bulk of the taxes, so the cuts will obviously apply to them). So, hurt everyone is their plan, just so the rich can't get a break from onerous taxes. 

"THERE IS AN OLD STORY about two Russian peasants, Boris and Ivan. Both are poor as dirt, the only difference between them being that Boris has a goat and Ivan does not. 

One day, a good fairy appears at Ivan's hut and tells him that she can grant him just one wish -- but that it can be anything he wants. Ivan says, "I want that Boris' goat should die.""

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