Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Columbus on the move

In the last 6 days I've done more traveling around metropolitan Columbus than probably the previous decade. I am so impressed with our city even on gray rainy days! Congratulations to our Republican governor and Democratic mayor. I saw lots of growth and ingenuity, great small businesses, and yet big developments, too. Our immigrant community is starting many new businesses; I saw expansion everywhere. (unemployment 5.8%)

It was three trips to the east side for my eyes (I was wowed by Mt. Carmel), and then lots of driving around picking out bathroom cabinets, fixtures, tops, lights, etc. Yesterday we spent an hour with a salesman who will be singing in Vaude Villities (a local talent show 71 years old). At all the businesses, the sales force was knowledgeable, polite and helpful. Today the contractor came and ripped out the old shower. Finally, we have a dumpster and big trucks in our drive-way just like our neighbors.


Anonymous said...

On your way to the new abortion clinic in the Eastern burbs?? Actually all the growth should be blamed on Obama, he's the one who gave Easton almost a million dollars to improve their parking lot lights.

Norma said...

I disagree--although there was a lot of ARRA money dumped in places that didn't need it, I know how much planning and investment goes into development. Even our suburb got money to put in a few miles of sidewalks (from Obama), which was pretty silly to have Kansasans paying for me to walk up the street. It didn't stimulate anything and would have been done anyway with local tax money.