Friday, March 22, 2013

Domestic violence and Sharia Law

In April 2009, the Islamic Fiqh Academy (IFA)  made a ruling entitled ‘Domestic Violence’. It’s available on-line.  It has been around for three years, and I can’t recall any American politician or feminist speaking out for the rights of women trapped in Sharia Law. It is a consensus of leading Muslim scholars in the world today on the rights of women.

This fatwa represents the absolute authority of the sharia over all understandings of human rights as they apply to women and the family, specifically including international human rights conventions and covenants.

The fatwa upholds the right of a husband to beat his wife.

This fatwa also upholds the right of a husband to rape his wife, for it is not 'domestic violence' for a man to insist upon his conjugal rights.

The fatwa also upholds the right of a male guardian to contract the marriage of a virgin female .

The right of women to move around freely in public without a supervising male is rejected as contrary to sharia law.

The fatwa upholds sharia law's non-reciprocal approach to divorce, which make it easy for man to divorce his wife, but hard for a women to obtain a divorce, except through a difficult legal process.

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