Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Safety in flying

An air traffic controller who lives in Columbus and attends our church writes:  “Thank you Mr. Obama and your inept Senate and administration whose gallant efforts today, to block Senator Moran's Contract Tower Amendment, succeeded; thus in turn costing me and a thousand other Air Traffic Controllers their jobs. Your political brinkmanship in using the safety of the national airspace system as a pawn in some elaborate narcissistic game continues to prove your inadequate ability to govern this country. Shutting down 238 Air traffic Control Towers (nearly 50%) which control nearly 1/3 (28%) of our nation’s air traffic is utterly absurd as well as dangerous. I now have grave concern for the flying public as well as the ripple effect that will be felt among all who use these airports across the country for their livelihood. You have done a great disservice to this country and I pray that the cost in not in human lives.”

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Susan said...

It is a sad day indeed when congressional leaders are content to allow public safety to become a political issue. Unfortunately, most citizens are unaware of how important contract tower controllers are to the efficient management of US air space. You and your colleagues across the nation need to find a way to enlighten the public.

Do something to speak out about this issue and sign the petition at the following web address: