Saturday, March 16, 2013

CPAC 2013


There’s nothing a Democrat fears more than a black conservative . . . Allen West


Rick Santorum and Allen West


Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
Coming in 2nd would be a Tea Party March on Washington again. When they march it gives the public a chance to see real grass roots people with a constitutional saving message. The last March consisted of a counple of hundred thousand marchers and was purposely ignored by ABC, NBC or CBS for that reason.

Anonymous said...

I liked it when Sarah said "I've got the rack, and Todd's got the rifle. Then she paused. Wow, what a VP she would have made with prophetic words like that.

Anonymous said...

They both scare the heck out of most people but they don't get it

Norma said...

Not sure who "they" and "they" are in your post, but I don't know anyone afraid of Palen or West or Santorum. But the three are an inspiration to many.