Friday, March 15, 2013

Republican politician Rob Portman flip flops on marriage because of his gay son

Many gay websites (Hillbuzz, for instance) and journalists have reported that Barack Obama is gay. So which is homophobic: hiding it, reporting it, covering it with symbolism and double meanings, or not reporting it at all?  The May 21, 2012 cover of New Yorker has a rainbow White House. The same month Newsweek's cover (Andrew Sullivan) also declared him the first gay president. Many, many people have supported gay friends and relatives without being declared gay by the media. The most recent being Rob Portman; but also Dick Cheney and former first Lady Laura Bush. So what's up with this?


Anonymous said...

surely you jest! and even if it is true-so what!

Norma said...

Did you see the magazine covers? Are they jesting, or just snickering?