Saturday, March 23, 2013

You got those tax hikes, now what?

Democrats got their massive tax hikes, and are indiscriminately cutting rather than carving with the sequestration they wanted. Creating new job losses so they can blame Republicans (ran out of the Bush excuses after 4.5 years) No reduction in the deficit, however.


The problem is Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security. And no one has a solution; putting younger workers on a self-directed plan while raising the retirement age will be stomped to death by Democrats (not because it is bad, but because it will work), and Republicans will scream at reduction in benefits for current recipients.  No one said Republicans were conservative about spending on themselves.

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Murray sez:
Has anyone noticed that so much legislation is passed by 1 vote? Even when dealing with the Supreme Court decisions. Why have we let 315 million people be controlled by 1 vote? Could it be that's the way our legislators want it? Naaaww! How about having only 1 person decide which bills hit the Senate and House floors? All things considered doesn't it make sense that as a result we wasted a lot of money and time putting 535 representatives in office only to be ruled basically by 1? As it stands now, that's what's happening with the Presidency also as he operates without them!