Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Republicans and immigration reform

Everyone seems to be talking about immigration reform. The 1986 IRCA didn't win friends for Republicans even though it was an example of bipartisan legislation many years in the making and included employer accountability, border enforcement, and amnesty for millions. 27 years later the illegals have tripled, the border isn't enforced, and employers are damned if they do and damned if they don't. The government bureaucracy did expand, however.

Signed in November 1986, IRCA required all persons to show authorization to work in the U.S., increased border enforcement, and created a legalization program for undocumented immigrants who met eligibility requirements. While critics complain that IRCA failed to prevent future waves of unauthorized immigration, they often forget the important things IRCA accomplished.

IRCA legalized approximately 3 million immigrants who met strict eligibility requirements, 1.3 million of whom legalized under the special agricultural legalization program. Obtaining legal status allowed unauthorized immigrants to improve their lives and contribute even more to the U.S. economy.

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Murray sez:
The Republicans are making a huge mistake in stumbling all over themselves to come to the aid of illegals. They fell for the propaganda that they lost the Presidential race because of the lack of Hispanic support. Poppycock!! They lost it because they didn't get enough of their base to the polls and stuffed ballot boxes. Now we have both parties concentrating on illegal Hispanics while pushing the middle class and seniors aside!!!!! Even the newest Republicans can't seem to avoid the Liberal's traps. Stupid. Our great country is going down.