Thursday, March 21, 2013

Truthland, a film by Shelley, a dairy farmer

The answer to Gasland, a film shown on HBO, which was a lot of lies.  Watch the scene where Shelley interviews the EPA official sitting at a shiny surface desk—they look very odd. Sort of doubles.

Fracking. Minimal risk.  Tight regulations. Very low surface damage.   A million to 2 million wells have been created by fracturing.  No problems yet. It’s been done for decades in Louisiana.  A man, Josh Fox, who didn’t understand the science of it, made a movie called Gasland that is a story—fiction.  If there are problems it is from poor equipment, but not from fracking. Uses LESS water than other forms of energy. It’s clean, abundant, economic and it is HERE.  Flaming faucets?  Water catching on fire began a long time ago—it is not caused by fracking.  “Gas saved our Ass” was one bumper sticker that a Dimick area farmer had. It was a depressed area, and the gas wells save their family farms.

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The liberals do not get confused by the facts cause they just ignore them!