Friday, March 15, 2013

What goes on in an abortion clinic—the war against women

Late term abortion clinic—but also an unsanitary shop of horrors. A process called “snipping,” was used by Dr. Gosnell. Scissors severed the spinal cord of the babies born alive—because he did late term abortions.  One woman in the film went back for 8 abortions. . . for that I don’t blame the doctor or the staff.  Abortions are lucrative—Gosnell became a millionaire.

“Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams called Gosnell's macabre medical clinic -- where agents found filthy and blood-stained patient rooms in addition to fetal body parts in glass jars and staff refrigerators -- a "house of horrors."”

The last time this clinic had been inspected was 1993. Hair and nail salons have more supervision.  Why didn’t any of the women patients or staff say something and report Gosnell to the police?

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