Friday, March 29, 2013

Laura Ingraham debates a Know Nothing from Boston University

A student who apparently was involved in a condom distribution demonstration at Boston University was up against the much more experienced and knowledgeable (and Catholic) Laura Ingraham last night on Fox. I’m a Lutheran and even I could spot this activist’s fallacies for why the BU rules should be flaunted even though she could go to any college/university she chose. It’s the same as Sandra Fluke and Georgetown.

1.  She tried to base her cause on statistics about how many Catholics use contraception (the figure she gave was much higher than any I’ve heard) and therefore the church was out of step.  Try telling that to a policeman the next time you’re going 75 in a 35 mph zone and because everyone else was doing it the law must be wrong. Or when you get caught cheating on a test and your excuse is everyone cheats.

2.  She tried to argue that the Catholic church ruling on contraception was recent and therefore to her that seemed a good argument that it didn’t need to be followed by the university. Usually, young people say a rule is too old—she’s saying it was a recent ruling.  Wrong again. Humanae Vitae ( Of Human Life)  written by by Pope Paul VI and issued in 1968 (long before this young lady was given life by her parents) reaffirmed the teaching of the church.

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