Wednesday, March 20, 2013

These workshop providers are racists

I was watching/listening to some parts of a diversity/multiculturalism/hate all euro-Americans training session for teachers of Wisconsin that was narrated by Dana where participants were told it was impossible for blacks to be racists because they have no power.  Really?  A black president, black attorney general, blacks on the Supreme Court, black senators and representatives, black Secretary of State, black governors, black mayors, black CEOs, black college presidents, black doctors and lawyers, black millionaires,  our top military leaders are black, all the major franchises have black owners, and so forth.  I think what these trouble makers mean is that if a black is really successful in a capitalist country, they aren't down with the struggle as Al Sharpton said.

How racist is it to ignore the accomplishments, and power of 13.6% of the population?

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