Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tax cheats in the White House and Congress

Congress gets an annual report on serious delinquents working in each government agency who are tax cheats each January. This year 98,291 current civilian employees have a severe tax lien against them. When retirees and military personnel are included, the debt figure goes up to an astounding $3.4 billion. In the Senate, there are 217 who owe the IRS a total of $2,134,501, and there are 36 tax cheats in the Executive Office of the President, owing a total of $833,970. Let's insist they clean up their act before spending one more dime of our money. The president should be ashamed to even mutter the words "fair share" if he can't get his own staff to pay theirs (and they all make excellent salaries).

Source:  Washington Times

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