Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Will rich gay men marry and share their assets in a divorce?

I don't believe a lot of gay men are going to rush out to marry their lovers--they are the wealthiest demographic in the US and also big in the art, music, interior design, literature, film and political fields. How many have added the boyfriend to the will or mansion deed?  Some have, and nothing has prohibited that.  But just look around at the trophy wives or the girl friends (a certain golfer comes to mind) of men.  Do you really think gay men want the expense of lawyers and alimony?  Why hand over their assets to someone who is the equivalent of a rich man's mistress?

What gay marriage has done in states that have recognized it (like Massachusetts) is create over night a new lower class--kind, loving, respectable people can now be bullied and ridiculed as bigots and homophobes with a simple redefinition of a word. In those states, churches are losing freedom of speech and religion; parents are losing control of their right to transmit their values to their children. Adoption will not be about what is best for children, but about pleasing adults.


Anonymous said...

It's occurred to me that the push for gay marriage is a low-grade, subtle but growing homophobia. As though a gay union/relationship isn't good enough, so they want mine. If the Democrats keep this up--aborting the babies, killing the old, marrying those can't reproduce--there won't be anyone left to pay for their programs.

Norma said...

My thoughts exactly.

married said...

It seems to me that the push for opposite sex marriage is many things, one is the economic benefit of being married, another is a real desire to have a committed sanctioned union.

To Norma's comment RE will rich gay men marry? My rich gay older cousin (if $3 million is rich) has never married. But neither has his poorer older gay brother (OSU Instructor emeritus).

Why does it matter so much to people like Norma and Anon if people want to get married?? Why should they have to face discrimination in economic ways? And how about the fact that just a few years ago, marriage between 2 races was against the law?

Norma said...

To "married": you're ignoring the comment I made. I don't think gays will rush out and get married for the same reason many couples don't. This issue is not about love, they have a right to love anyone they wish. It's about economics for some, unless they live in Ohio which extends all benefits to same sex couples. This is about acceptance, about not being gay, but being "just as if" or like everyone else. That's why anon 1 is right that it is a subtle form of homophobia. There is no economic benefit to being married, or else everyone would be choosing it instead of shacking up. Even the tax laws discriminate against the married. Why shouldn't a wife/husband inherit all their spouse's resources without penalty instead of just a portion? Because Democrats want a death tax.