Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It’s not like the courts have never been wrong

7 million Californians voted to support traditional, historical and life giving marriage.  The California court then denied them their vote. Over 30 other states have also voted to uphold the purpose and meaning of marriage.   If the Supreme Court upholds the California decision, it doesn't change the truth of history or of all major religions and all governments of all civilizations. Abortion may be legal, but it is still wrong for children and families and someone always dies.  Slavery at one time was legal in the U.S., but it was morally wrong even when upheld by the courts. Marriage is not just about love, it is not about government benefits and it is not just about a specific couple you know or who are related to you. If it were, you could marry anyone, of any age, and in any number, and expect recognition by the government.

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