Monday, March 25, 2013

What Can I Do to Help Stop Common Core in Ohio?

From the Ohio Common Core Facebook Page

“As we can tell so far, Ohio is way behind the 8 ball on this one. We need to get moving fast.
1. Find friends in your district that feel the same way you do. Start researching; pick different areas of CC so you are not trying to do it all.
2. Stay tuned to this page [Facebook], we try to post the best articles and documents we can find. As more starts happening in the state, we will update here. (Website soon to come!)
3. Gather talking points and talk to your principal and teachers. Speak respectfully and ask them to question. Don’t be upset with them, they have been snookered just as we have.  Leave them with the feeling we are all in this together, for the sake of our children. Yes, some merits to CC, but not at the great costs, loss of privacy, loss of teacher/district/state control.
4. Attend school board meetings and ask questions. Encourage your school board to invest as little as possible on CC .  Five states rejected it and 13 have pending legislation to stop it. Educate them on problems with CC and NO, we don’t have to accept it. As a state we can stop it!
5. Write letter to editor of local papers.
6. Write letters to your state reps and senators - requesting this be stopped. We can stop it and cut our losses now, because the financial costs in the long run will be much greater.
7. Write an Opt-Out letter for your child.

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