Friday, October 28, 2011

Architects have no jobs without the wealthy--but some don't know that

Was just reading through a rant by a young architect/partner about how today's Occupiers are in a class with the poor of the French Revolution, or the northern Irish, or the riots of Arab Spring and other oppressed masses. So I viewed his firm's portfolio. Seems they do quite well with the rich and powerful and well connected. He seems to have a problem distinguishing between dictators/kings and private individuals. Even so, he'd be out of work if the Occupiers have their way--plus they'd be redistributing the wealth of his firm.
In the French Revolution people were in the streets with pitchforks and axe handles because that is the only way they could arm themselves. Today we have electronic pitchforks and a powerful surge of connectedness that Fox News and all the right wing Reaganomic spouters will not be able to shout down. One never knows exactly what triggers a movement such as this, as the freedom from Arab Spring could have been the genesis in the same way that the American Civil Rights movement helped birth uprisings in Northern Ireland back in the 60's. Like it or not we are a globally interconnected world and this appears to be the dawning of the Noosphere as predicted long ago by Teilhard de charadin. You can bet that this is all being blocked on Chinese monitors, but even oppresssive regimes like that that we are beholden too will eventually fall, as this is much larger and moving on. I encourage architects to join the fun. Just imagine the tarring and feathering of bankers and their ilk and how it could lead to a more egalitarian society. So yes, join the fun of it all and be inventive with your slogans and costumes
A Columbus man began a project in June to raise funds for a neighborhood clean-up ($1,500). He found out that it would cost $1,660 for permits and fees. Doesn't have his ducks in a row yet. So how did all these Occupy groups get their permits and approvals so quickly? In a lot of cities, they didn't, even though Tea Parties were charged and even had to get insurance. The leftists who organized these were hoping for the violence that erupted in Oakland, and the arrests in other cities. And the more violence (which the young architect thought would be fun to see), the more over-time for police.

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