Saturday, October 22, 2011

RMIT--The Richest Man in Town

The total wealth of America's RMITs (some are women) is $355 billion.

• These 100 people employ more than 91% of Americans.

• All of the fortunes are self-made.

• Only one of them is a professional manager as opposed to a company founder.

• Less than 10% of them have taken their company public.

• Eighty-one percent of RMITs are doing business in their hometown.

Who Are the Richest People in Town? - BusinessWeek


Anonymous said...


One of the richest is Walmart heiress Alice Walton.

Approximately the TENTH richest person in America. She is worth about 29 BILLION USD in 2011.


She inherited it from Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart.

Walmart has some of the absolute worst working conditions of any business of its kind in the USA and "employs" children in China who, in sweatshops, make a majority of the products that the Walmart customer purchases here in the good old USA.

Walmart exploits employees here in the USA AND overseas! A real master, huh?

So I guess these people are to be applauded and everything should be done to maintain all the good that they are doing here and abroad....

Your facts, as those of your cohorts, are sadly lacking. Again.

Norma said...

Calm down, dear. This was a study based on city; read the criteria. If the wealth was inherited, then the person isn't in the survey. If they are the 2nd wealthiest in the city, they are not included, even if richer than someone in another city. I haven't read the book--this is from the review.

It would help your blood pressure if you'd read the link and go off the reservation to Wal-Mart, which incidentally has probably done more for third world countries in their "sweat shops" than all our tax dollar aid which padded the pockets of the local dictators.

I'd never hear of William Davidson of Detroit, or David Bonderman of Ft. Worth, or Philip Ruffin of Wichita. I had heard, of course, of Bloomberg of NY, and Brin of Palo Alto and Stephen King of Bangor, Maine.

Anonymous said...

Who let the dogs loose? Crabby grumpy people you're attracking here lately.

Norma said...

Depends on the topic. One time I quoted a review about Glee, and got a bunch of irate fans posting. The Morganthou quote still gets unhappy readers offering me links (although usually polite). If I ever say anything about weight or obesity, oh my, the hate mail. Anything Christian and they're like wasps in a closed garage. Then some people are just mud slingers--makes no difference what the topic is. Whenever I point out how many women George W. Bush freed you can almost hear the gasps across the internet. But name calling. That's where I draw the line, so I've been booting a few this week. After 8 years of blogging, I decided to post the rules, since some people don't grasp that "freedom of speech" refers to government censorship. I'm not the government, so I'm free to censor, boot and ban. I express an opinion and quote others with a link to those sites and others are welcome to chime in. They aren't welcome to insult me.

Anonymous said...

Brian--your comment has been edited, but even then, you're just under the wire. Norma

Brian the Saint says: "Well, when a person sees others acting selfish who wish to disenfranchise most of the people in america, staying silent is very difficult. Sorry to offend your sensibilities."

Norma said...

This is how a Christian blogger allows you to post without making a fool of yourself. It's my burden to bear to let you know.

Norma said...

My notes to Brian are to an internet stalker--seems to be fairly crippled with hate, especially for Jesus. His comments (about 100) have been deleted and he's been reported to his ISP and Google for violating their terms of service.