Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Protestors ‘Will Come For You, Drag You Into The Streets

Geraldo Rivera ridiculed Glenn Beck on O'Reilly a few nights ago--called him paranoid and delusional because he warned us about the potential violence in the occupy movement. But here's a video of the left agreeing with him--"Take a banker out by the tower and string him up on the town square." Where are all the alarmed Democrats who thought Sarah Palin shouldn't use the word "target" in her campaign. Glenn has had these Soros/Tide Foundation/Union supported movement pegged from the beginning. Why not just believe their words, argues Glenn. They've told us what their intentions are. Yes, why don't you?

Glenn Beck: Protestors ‘Will Come For You, Drag You Into The Streets, And Kill You’ | Mediaite

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