Monday, October 10, 2011

Working families party, SEIU, ACORN organizing the Occupy groups--this is definitely NOT grass roots

She says the capitalist system isn't working for any of us? Hmm. Wonder what she wants to replace it with? European socialism? National socialism? Communism?

"In 1992, Joel Rogers​ co-founded the New Party, a Marxist coalition that endorsed and helped elect left-wing political candidates; one of its most noteworthy members in the mid-1990s was Barack Obama​. After the New Party closed its doors in 1997, it was reinvented the following year by Joel Rogers’ partner, Daniel Cantor, as the Working Families Party, which became a powerful front group for ACORN." []

Obama's connection to the Working Families Party is probably why you'll not hear him chastizing the organizers of this, which if it works like the 1960s, will severly hurt his campaign.

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