Saturday, October 22, 2011

To paraphrase an anarchist--Benjamin Tucker*

This blog is written to suit Norma, not its readers. She hopes that what suits her will suit them; but, if not, it will make no difference. No reader, subscriber, or body of subscribers, will be allowed to govern her course, dictate her policy, prescribe her methods, or choose her topics. Collecting My Thoughts is published for the very definite purpose of advocating certain ideas, such as faith in Jesus Christ, the free market, conservatism, education, recent medical and technological break-throughs, pro-family issues like not killing the unborn, family memories, and public policy; no claim will be admitted, on any pretext of freedom of speech, to waste its limited space or Norma's time in hindering the attainment of that object. Norma is not afraid of discussion, or even an argument, and shall do what she can to make room for short, serious, and well-considered objection to her views, but intolerance of Christians, Christiphobia, church bashing, blasphemy, name calling, bullying, and long boring essays on atheism should be posted on the reader's own blog. Also, since Norma in an earlier career translated Soviet medical material heavily laced with Marxism, she probably knows more than the reader about the joys of attaining socialist goals, so don't bother cluttering with that clap-trap either. As a former humanist, a career public employee (although not a union member), a librarian and a 40 year registered Democrat, there are few arguments from the other side or from the basement archives Norma hasn't heard.

*Tucker wrote a journal called Liberty in the 19th c.


Norma said...

Brian, I don't know how to spam, so have no idea what you're referring to. At least I don't call myself a saint.

Norma said...

So when you leave me a link, you're spamming? Here's the definition, although some say sending at least 20 of the same messages to the same user:

"Send the same message indiscriminately to (large numbers of recipients) on the Internet."

Ask a librarian and she'll tell you where to go.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading some of your blog.
I guess the only thing I like is that you are a Democrat (albeit a very curious anomaly here.)

Not a Union Member? Did you get lunch breaks, raises, time off?

I won't be coming back to this.

If one could reason with religious people, there would be no religious people.

Norma said...

Dear Anon 10/25; I'm assuming your mother was pro-life, at least long enough for you to see daylight, but that doesn't mean you are. If I'd been in a union, I wouldn't have had to work so many hours.

Anonymous said...

Norma for President !

Norma said...

Hi Norma,
I ran across your blog today as I was searching for something written to back up my own remembrance of warnings about the “coming ice age” we were getting from the likes of Ted Danson back in the 80’s.....and had not realized the great arrangers have been trying to sell us on this junk for 100yrs as you show from Inohe’s speech. Well, what a delight to find your blog.

I especially like your outline of “Rules” and all the pics you post of your various trips. I grew up in western-Michigan so am somewhat familiar with the Traverse City area. My family made regular treks “up north” every summer for a few years. I have lived in Oregon for over 30yrs now and OR has its own great beauty. I dearly love seeing photos of travels to lovely places in the states and also Ireland and England. Love to see old places restored and kept up. I find it encouraging.

So, I will be sharing your blog with a couple of friends. It’s a delight to find someone with views that are not up-side-down.

Anyway, thank you and have a great Christmas and Happy New Year!

Via e-mail