Saturday, October 08, 2011

Holding hands?

I'm sorry, but I almost dropped the cat when I read this advice column at Ask Jen & Barb.
My children are 9 and 11. Girl and Boy respectively. They fight all the time. Spout hateful words at each other constantly. I have tried things like making them hold hands and of course lectured them. Any ideas on how to get my children to show each other they love and care for each other.

Hi Jessica, They need major consequences. There needs to be a zero tolerance for hateful words. Take away whatever it is they hold near and dear to them (i.e. time on the computer, toys, play dates, etc.). They need to know that if they treat each other that way, they will have consequences. Stay strong and do not waiver. Good luck! Jen
Probably Mom is yelling at them. And she wonders why they are nasty to each other? And what sister and brother want to hold hands? Yuk!! When are these kids together? In the car--when Mom is on the cell phone ignoring them so they quarrel to get her attention. Or she's on the computer at home so they fight in order not to be ignored. This case needs a bit more investigation.

How can I get my children to show they love and care for each other? | Jen and Barb, Mom Life

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