Saturday, October 08, 2011

Party of Whiners

"Our current President is callow and incompetent. Does anyone doubt that any of our three top candidates are FAR superior to His Oneness?" So why, Barleycorn asks, are Republicans such whiners?
My personal preference right now would be in the order Perry, Cain, Romney, but my problems with Mitt Romney are not over whether he could handle the job. I feel certain he is a big enough man to sit in the Oval Office and fulfill the oath. If Romney is the nominee I will support him to the nth degree next Fall.

The same goes for Herman Cain. I worry some about his tendency to allow the media to frame the soundbites in interviews, but I’ve no doubt he has the brains, knowledge, and temperment to fill the office.

Rick Perry is a horrible debater but presidents are not Debaters in Chief. They assemble, delegate, persuade, and lead. Debating is a fine exercise for young minds but a foolish part of our presidential elections.

Party of Whiners | RedState

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