Saturday, October 29, 2011

I'm not fooled by Obama’s bite-size initiatives, are you?

"Almost every day this week, Obama rolled out a program aimed at some troubled sector of the economy: mortgage relief for homeowners Monday, tax credits to spur job growth for veterans Tuesday, college loan relief for students Wednesday, regulatory and information shortcuts for small businesses Friday.

The plan-a-day strategy is an approach designed to portray Obama as decisive as the White House complains about Congress’s failure to pass his jobs bill. Senior administration aides said they expected the effort to continue as long as Congress balks at his proposals."
The student loan relief should save the debtor between $4 and $8 a month. The Mortgage relief didn't work the first time around, and combined with the huge mortgages involved, it's a sop for the wealthy. And what small business wants more regulations to strangle them in exchange for hiring a worker taken from another firm?

Obama’s bite-size initiatives reminiscent of Clinton reelection - The Washington Post

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Murray sez:
If Obama can secure a vote with another promise the promise will come forth. As for delivery...Heh Heh Heh!