Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lawrence Welk Halloween Show

The Lawrence Welk Show reruns are mostly new for me since I didn't watch it when it was current (I think it was going even when I was in high school because I do remember the Lennon Sisters were popular, but my parents didn't have TV). Here in Columbus it's on WOSU, and I've seen it on the PBS stations in Toledo also. Some great old songs, and Welk always included contemporary songs, too, which now are also old songs. On the close-ups you can see that in those days not as many TV stars had their teeth capped and straightened. Guy and Ralna I've learned from a Google search, are now divorced, so apparently, he did stop loving her. They really were a great duet.

Lennon Sisters from 1956

And every time I see an entire orchestra in orange or aqua suits, I do wonder how they did that.

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Jim McKee said...

I still remember the opening... "Wah wah wah, wah wah WAH... POP... whoosh..."