Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wormwood Occupies

In my e-mail box today, an offer to claim $4.5 million: "listen dear client all you need to do is only forward your information required.reason because this is legibly signed by this delivery security office and also we discovered this email reported in this office last-night telling us that this consignment box worth of this fixed sum of money was about to be scammed by 419scammers. so we the entire organization formed in order to protect the interest of our clients."

Is this from an Occupy group, do you suppose? It makes as much sense as they do--protesting student loans while attending Columbia University in the most expensive city in the country; demanding collapse of corporations while wearing and using all their products; storming banks and capital buildings on a holiday; chanting and repeating phrases while wiggling their fingers. It's raining in Columbus; we can only hope for some rain on Wall Street.

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