Saturday, October 29, 2011

U.S. tracks 'millions' of dollars stolen by Iraqi officials

Seems to be some money missing and not trackable. Wouldn't you think that the brightest minds in the Bush administration and the Obama administration would have at least one person who knew how to do this?
Overall, Bowen said, he has found indications that huge amounts of money were stolen in Iraq. Asked how much, he said it is "impossible to say, but I know just from talking to Iraqis and just my travels to Iraq — I've been there 30 times. What I've learned is that hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars of development fund for Iraq money was stolen by senior Iraqi officials for their own personal gain."

The Inspector General's mandate does not include looking at the tens of billions that were sent from the New York Fed to the Baghdad government after the Coalition Provisional Authority went out of existence in 2004.

U.S. tracks 'millions' of dollars stolen by Iraqi officials –

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