Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Ohio Education Association squabbles with its staffers' union

I’ve been reading some of the pro- and anti-Senate Bill 5, Issue 2 (restricts public unions in Ohio). For those of you outside (or inside) Ohio, all teachers in Ohio public schools must pay union dues, but technically they don't have to be members. Since a lot of their money goes toward political issues in which they have no say, a lot of teachers are muzzled with their own money. Make any sense to you? Me neither. But. . .

Seems that the OEA (Ohio Education Association aka “union” with revenue of nearly $62 million) has a problem with its employees' union called PSU (Professional Staff Union of the OEA) and some of the dirty linen was being aired, so the PSU blog was taken down. Yes, I can see the OEA wouldn‘t want this circulating, but it was copied to PDF and posted by The Columbus Tea Party.
“The truth of the matter is that OEA failed to bargain in good faith with PSU. In fact, they wasted five bargaining sessions before even responding with a written counter-proposal. Does that sound like collaborative leadership?

No doubt both the teachers, their highly paid (nearly $200,000 a year) union reps and the lowly PSU staffers will all be out on the streets of Columbus joining raised fists in solidarity against the evil rich tomorrow with "Occupy Columbus." It will keep their minds off the "public" and children.

This is really working well for the anti-American forces behind the Occupy Wall Street movement. The first few weeks they couldn't get any traction, but now that it has spread to cities like Toledo, Columbus, and Cincinnati and people are already unhappy about a number of things messed up by the government and particularly Obama's leadership (although they would never say that), the socialist/marxist crowd is practically wetting itself with glee and anticipation.


Jeff Rivera said...

Thank you for sharing the info.

Norma said...

Bless the dear ladies who are going door to door on Issues 2 and 3.

Anonymous said...

The OEA is not doing the teacher's
interests. Do not waste your wages
supporting it.