Friday, October 14, 2011

Marisa's Take: Occupy Wall Street looks like church to me

Note to Marisa: This doesn't look like my church.

The Occupy Wall Street movement where crowds of the ignorant, uninformed and unwashed, most of whom have never voted, have taken over private property and obstructed freedoms of other citizens. They are demanding the wealth of others to pay off their debt and greed. (You don’t need to be wealthy to lust after others belongings or God wouldn't have included it in the commandments.) Marisa Egerstrom, a PhD candidate in religious history, and a member of Protest Chaplains thinks the OWS looks like something built on Christ’s teaching, life, death and resurrection. Sorry Marisa, we aren’t reading the same Gospel. I had a number of classes in Russian and Soviet history, used to translate Russian medical material to earn my college tuition, and had a Chinese roommate in college whose family fled the massacres by Mao. The OWS really looks a lot like people demanding national socialism, not realizing that they are useful idiots, expendable in the next stage of the movement/revolution, just so much fodder to get people worked up.

I wonder how CNN would cover honest believers witnessing to the protesters about Jesus death and ressurection on their behalf.

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Anonymous said...

yes very christian of you to call other people idiots. you sound like a very close minded person. and obviously only listen to "other's"opinion of what those people stand for. it's a mixture of beliefs and some are even tea party members. you should do some "research" before you make statements like these.
and i don't believe that christ was the pussy people like you make him out to be. he would not have been condemned to die if he was. he was an extremist. people like you are the ones that wanted to kill him.

Norma said...

I guess you don't recognize the term "useful idiots." That was a term Karl Marx used for his followers, and conservatives often throw it out there to let today's followers know we haven't forgotten what he thought of them. Fodder for his lies. But then you also aren't familiar with the names Jesus used for people like you who completely misunderstood his message--he called Herod a fox, a deranged man he told to shut up, and so forth. He was not a political revolutionary, he is God, and for you that's pretty extreme.

Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
So far what I've observed of this "movement" does not appear to resemble any religion I'm familiar with. Why...these people don't even honor their own temple with tattoos, piercings and no cleansing! Maybe staying high helps them to justify all of their actions. Comparing them to the Tea Party movement is so ridiculous that it provides proof that the MSM is looking for anything, along with the Dems, to lean on to boost their fading and destructive ideology.