Sunday, October 30, 2011

Do you like cooked cabbage?

I really like cooked cabbage, but I could do without the ginger and vinegar; still useful information about cutting it. Very nutritious and low in calories. Steaming it is better than microwaving because "two minutes of microwaving destroys the same amount of myrosinase enzymes as seven minutes of steaming, and you need those myrosinase enzymes to help convert cabbage's glucosinolates into cancer-preventive compounds." After I grill it in a pan, I put the lid on and turn off the heat--I call that "steaming."

"A recent study showed that a 100 gram (about 3 ounces) serving of raw red cabbage delivers 196.5 milligrams of polyphenols, of which 28.3 milligrams are anthocyanins. Green cabbages yielded much less per 100 grams: 45 milligrams of polyphenols including 0.01 milligram of anthocyanins. The vitamin C equivalent, a measure of antioxidant capacity, of red cabbage is also six to eight times higher than that of green cabbage. Red cabbage is one of the most nutritious and best tasting vegetables around and a great addition to your Healthiest Way of Eating."
WHFoods: Cabbage

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I read your "The Rules" under your blog picture. You go girl!! I always say, "Tell it like it is!" LOL Your place, your rules!! My nephew, who I had to "deal with" several times in his youth, once told me, "you're too serious." But he still remembers the moments with respect. LOL