Monday, October 10, 2011

Occupy Columbus

A group has assembled in Columbus, the Occupy Wall Street wannabees, not to demonstrate on behalf of the poor, but to ask demand the stuff others have created or earned--their wealth, their companies and corporations, their money that goes to foundations, their lifestyles. They are calling themselves the 99%, saying 1% have 20% of the wealth (and pay 40% of the income taxes). Income isn't wealth, as we all know, and they demand a share of their wealth funnelled through the government, of which they will receive very little after the layers of bureacracy are paid their grand salaries and benefits. If they truly are representatives of the 99%, there would be Christians among this motley crew.

I find that hard to imagine, outside of the PAJAMA (Peace and Justice and More Aid) Christians. Christians, those called by the name of Jesus Christ, are those bought, purchased, ransomed with the blood of the Lamb who are a Kingdom of Priests called from every tribe and language and people and nation to serve God. (Rev. 5:9) They already have every possible riches, wealth, understanding, wisdom, and power to use in their worship of God, so why would they trade that for these trinkets?


Sam Patriot said...

"Donna: you're partly right. It is cheaper for corporations to set up shop overseas. Although it's no greedier than you are when you make decision where to shop or where to work."

Norma: Why do you hate America?

Sam Patriot said...

Stephanie: what you're describing is National Socialism, aka NAZI. How did that work out for Jews, minorities, and gypsies?

WOW! Are you sure that you didn't teach history?