Monday, October 10, 2011

Inspiration and perspiration

When I got home from exercise class this morning, I decided to tackle the mismatched storage boxes in the garage. I really don't like storage boxes that say STOR-ALL or Progressive. So now they are either white, green or royal blue. But. . . in order to do that I had to do some shifting and repacking, and thus came across a box full of VHS movies. Other than the Dagwood and Blondie series, most we've never watched. I think most of them used to be our daughter's who is quite a movie buff. I'm thinking we should have a movie night once a week, view them, then pass them on to the library. As it is, I selected about 12 to donate that I knew I would never be desperate enough to watch. I used to have a notebook with an alphabetic list of our movies and TV shows on VHS, but that seems to have been separated from the box of tapes.

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