Monday, October 17, 2011

A hole in their souls

I’ve visited many Occupy sites (west coast, east coast, Canada, mid-west, south, as well as Columbus and Toledo) and read their complaints, demands and suggestions. It’s obvious that this movement, at least in North America, is not an economic or political problem, but a spiritual one. People who have more “stuff” than they know what to do with are unhappy because some people have more--more stuff, more debt, more bling. It’s the opposite of need. It’s the black mold of selfishness and greed--the very thing they see in others. And they want others to be sucked into their misery. They aren’t poor, they’re suffering from income-envy; they aren’t hungry, they’re overfed and underexercised; they aren’t sick, they’re over medicated; if they‘re thirsty, they just open a plastic bottle and trash the environment. They’ve got a huge hole where there should be wholeness in God.

This should be a great mission field for Christians. We've been there--we used to think stuff, or power, or position, or a relationship would satisfy the spiritual cravings of our sinful nature, too. They don't even know what riches are out there for them, and they are scrambling for pennies!

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